California Home Value with its team of experienced and top notch local appraisers has excelled to the top of the industry by offering great customer service, accurate appraisals and quick turn times.

California Home Value is lead by Martin Montserrat. Martin began appraising in 1990, prior to federal licensing and then promptly got licensed as soon as the national tests were available. He has seen and directly experienced the many waves of changes in real estate and real estate appraising. All of these changes have presented ongoing learning experiences which serve him very well in today’s more complex appraisal world. A Certified Residential Appraiser, Valuation Specialist, Valuation Trainer, Market Research Analyst, Collateral Risk Assessment Analyst, Appraisal Review and Quality Control Manager, Martin has turned these experiences into resources.

In January 2008, Martin was called upon and sub-contracted by a large Orange County, CA asset management company with over 450 employees, to build, develop and train their new Appraisal Department of 30+ licensed and certified appraisers. Providing valuations, appraisals and appraisal reviews for virtually all national banks, state banks and local banks. The post mortgage meltdown and real estate crash in summer of 2007 and early 2008 was upon us. The daunting tasks of 30 appraisers reviewing and valuing up to 2700 residential real estate assets in one month was a huge and priceless leaning experience. Martin again, gathered large amounts of resources and continued with the asset management company for just under 3 years; before returning full time to his true passion of field appraising residential properties.

Professionalism and integrity are critical when working with an appraiser and we pride ourselves in providing you with competitive rates as well as the best possible experience. Fees vary with complexity and various property types. Please call, text or email for a fee quote. Texting accepted and promptly returned at 714-393-7994.

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